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2016 New Years Greetings

May each day in 2016 begin with deep gratitude and thankfulness to a new dawn; for true happiness begins with awakening to Amida's light.


Today, more than ever, people are seeking inner peace and a path to happiness. In turbulent times when traditional values are in flux, Buddhism can provide spiritual development that can lead to discovery of insight into the true nature of reality.

The American Buddhist Study Center is creating a Buddhist community center for Buddhist seekers and teachers who value the pleasure of the learning process, the importance of inter connectedness and necessity for knowledge.

The Buddha's Gift to the World

Monshu Koshin Ohtani, Head minister of the Nishi Hongwanji-ha.

This is Monshu Ohtani's final book in his three book trilogy on Buddhism and Shin Buddhism. This is his signature and most important work as he retires from the Hongwanji.

Public Lectures

We continue to provide meaningful Buddhist programs for the community on a consistent basis. Pictured here is Dr. Richard Payne, Dean of IBS (Institute of Buddhist Studies) from Berkeley giving a talk on the Buddhist practice. Others speakers we hosted include Roshi Gentoku Kobayashi a Zen master teacher from Kyoto, Dr. James Dobbins, Religious Professor from Oberlin College and well known Shin Buddhist professor and author, Dr. Alfred Bloom.

Books by Monshu Koshin Ohtani

"What is most significant about this volume is Monshu Ohtani wrote it in the context of the various problems and crises that have beset humanity in Japan and the world during his tenure. He looks beyond the simply personal nature of religion and its otherworldly character to see the Buddha calling modern people to take the teaching seriously and grip their responsibility to care for the world and society." – Rev. Dr. Alfred Bloom